Mandi Bahauddin Univeristy

Welcome to the Mandi Bahauddin University!Our commitment at MU is to provide a safe,positive, intellectual learning & teaching environment that will empower women to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and inspired learners prepared for technical and teaching life in the twenty-first century. Mandi Bahauddin University is one of the instituion which is working under social welfare Department Punjab City District Govt.The objective of this institution is to enhance the potential,ability and strength of women by converting them from dead into social capital. It does not only equip them with several skills but also provides them with the oppertunities of development on self-help basis.It helps widows and destitute women in prevention of dependency , abuse and exploitation by providing income-generating skills to them. The Institution is providing training in 100 different skill courses i.e , Cutting,Stiching ,Cooking,Fine Arts,Art & Craft, Beauty Care,Physical Fitness/Education and Computer for the welfare of about 50% Population(Women) it is providing,Health Services and Psychological Legal assistance along with many other services.Women are encouraged to start small business help of police,several NGOS and counsling.The objective is to raise the status of women in society with her effective role in society. The Institution is working as an active agent of positive change in social strata.It is contributing in developing a prosperous,Health and sustained society in Pakistan.Thousands of Female are being benefitted with the skills of this institution.The doors of suggestions ,assistance and cooperation are always open.Your trust is our gain. Communicate with others in a respectful and meaningful way.
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Mandi bahauddin Univeristy
Punjab, Mandi Bahauddin

Near Open University Campos Murala Road Mandi Bahauddin

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